ticks1.gifOne of the things you might want to learn in college, is that universities rely on the generosity of alumni. Most alumni really do want to see good things happen for their alma mater, and they selflessly give to help with projects for research, infrastructural development, scholarships, and to enhance student life.

Sometimes alum direct their generosity in ways that are not a good fit for student needs or longterm development goals—like building a stadium instead of a classroom building. But, even in those cases, the donors believe that they are helping student life and enhancing the university’s profile.

Unfortunately, at large universities, a very few alumni take more than they give. When I was at Oklahoma, several bars and stores were busted for selling unlicenced OU materials  (shirts, shot glasses…). Invariably the guilty parties were alum who were big fans, and many were donating boosters. The parasites would always vociferously proclaim their loyalty to the university, and were shocked that the University would sue them for making just a couple of grand  on a few unique items.

It’s sad to see such things happen….



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