i hate dog


Sometimes you are pretty sure that someday, something bad is going to happen at a particularly dangerous part of a regular riding route. Yesterday was the day for me. In So Ill many of our obstacles have four legs, no vaccinations, full fecundity, and a run down trailer in back of their “lawn.” My favorite ride is the Hickory Ridge wine trail, which concludes with a trip down Dutch Ridge, on what the old locals used to call Warrior Hill (real indigenous history). We tend to refer to the Southern part as Goat Hill. We’d rename it Dog Hill, except that might cause confusion with the hill with the pack of wild dobermans.

Goat Hill charts 19% on Big Dale’s Garmin, and it is a screaming descent if you open it up.  Yesterday, we rendevouxed at club Jackoff with the Chief, Molteni, and Dave. We were running a tad late, so we stoked the bunny just a tad, and railed down Goat Hill as if we’d never seen a pack of pit mongrels waiting for us at trailer central. We were going 44mph when Chief and Dave flew past the unchained mutt, and it stormed into the road right in front of me. I hit it square, with predictable results. I was surprised that Molteni and Dale didn’t hit me as I skidded on the cinder-covered chip and seal.

Of course, since it was a nice day, i was wearing brand new 2008 Team Mack bibs and Jersey, and some really cool new Castelli knee warmers…LAS Helmet, all trashed.

At least I was on the old Blue Gunnar with the steel fork! It had cosmetic damage and a flat, which the guys fixed while I tried to recover. I rode home with difficulty. I probably should have gone to the hospital last night, but I didn’t want to sit around. Today I went in for the five hour hospital visit to confirm muliple fractures, broken wrist, and a fractured hip.  I’ll see about surgery tomorrow!

Wow! I can be like Gary and Steve! Nah, I’d have to be a lot worse off. But I’m out past Hillsboro…I may take up dog extermination as a hobby, since I’ll be off the bike for a few weeks…


5 Responses to “i hate dog”

  1. Daniel B. Says:

    Darren, that sux! Sorry to read this. Stupid mutt! There was another dog/cyclist collision on a Big Shark ride this weekend… check Jim Klages blog for the story. Car? Dog? They both hurt, eh? One time I got taken down by a dog in BFE Wisconsin, and had to get stitches in the elbow… I think it was Arrowhead, WI? That was one creepy ass clinic!

  2. Heston Says:

    Dam! That sucks. At least you are able to plan some revenge! Heal quickly!

  3. Patrick Says:

    Dude, I am so sorry to hear about the breaks! I’m the Big Shark that t-boned a dog in Monroe County, IL, on Sat. I landed on my face and tucked-in right side. A hole all the way through my lip, scrapes on face and shiner, possible scaphoid fracture (I’ll find out today), and my right shoulder has a new clicking sound effect feature. All in all, I consider myself quite lucky. Maybe it’s the slight concussion I think I got, but when people (like my kids’ pre-school teachers) ask me if the dog was alright, I can’t help but get all worked up and start to go in to the “I hope not…I really hope that the thing….” before I catch myself and attempt to emit positive love vibes…doesn’t help that I’ve always been a cat person anyway.

    back to riding the trainer…f-ing dogs.

  4. sherkat Says:

    Thanks guys! The good news is no invasive surgery on the hip, though they still may want to poke me in the ass. But, I’m not even supposed to ride the trainer for a couple of weeks…

    Patrick, that sucks! Yep. Given the routine from my 5 hour ortho visit, I assume you are screwed, since I broke the same bone! I’ll be screwed on Wednesday.

    The PA at the clinic pulled the same shit on me. “Is the fucking dog ok?” She was horrified by my pat response “I hope it’s dead.” I reminded her that trailer dogs are supposed to be caged or chained, but that didn’t seem to alleviate her acrimony. I was trying to feel positive Jeff Williams vibes and avoid following up with “and if it’s not dead, I’m gonna hunt it down, kill it, and roast it up with a smoke habanero sauce….”

    I’ve always been a cat person as well, and my favorite pet is 12 inches long and slimy and likes dark dirty holes.

  5. rudy Says:

    heal well, brother Sherkat:)

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