So Ill Training Camp


It’s almost spring, well sort of. Not up North, though. So, some of the Team Mack guys from Wisconsin are thinking about taking a long weekend or so and heading down here for a mini-camp. It’s not a bad idea. We’re a bit cold so far, but you never know what it’ll be like in two weeks. And it will certainly be warmer here than in Wisconsin….

 So Ill is a great training venue. Bring a cross bike, if possible. Especially since we had the ice storm last week (and may get more this week). The roads are graded with cinders after a snow or ice, and those things eat tires. Tuffys and strong tubes and tires are a must with road bikes.

 We’ve had several Mack guys doing mini-training camps down here (including Macedon and Zellmann testing SRAM prototypes), and Dave Stone up in Champaign has regularly brought down groups for spring break training. I still have hope that maybe his kid Adam will wind up in the PhD program at SIU for mechanical engineering or something. Dave’s an awesome guy and one of the best racers in the region, and Adam is a truly talented kid. However, school comes first! And Adam has been taking a break from serious racing while finishing his degree. But, in a few years, he’ll have a real job!!! And then he can go back to racing bikes more often. Still, I’m sure he could race more if he went to SIU….


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