Revenge of the Ground Hog

I’ve done the Tour de Ground Hog five years in a row. It’s been on the same course at New Salem, yet each time, it’s totally different. This year, it was really muddy!!! Last year it was snow. The year before it was fast frozen tundra, before that it was somewhat muddy.
Best part of TDGH 2008: 1) Clark Priebe finds one of the Jensen kids’ shoes stuck in the mud on Mud Mountain and returns them dripping with gook to minivan central.
2) Nate Rice nearly dies of hypothermia (sorry, Nate) while Podium Girl Uncle Gary sorts out the results and distributes the checks. Note to Uncle Gary, maybe check on some bifocals?.  Heads up to Nate, notice that the Mack guys in the top 10 washed their bikes and changed clothes before the podium ceremony….”We’re going to do this right now” doesn’t necessarily mean “now” now. Evil Mike had the right idea “can’t we just take the picture and sort this shit out later!” But, in the end, this is the second best because those envelopes had real money! There were happy racers once things were sorted out!!
Local Carbondalians and SIU students Brett Billings and Emily V showed up, and Emily took the women’s race. Brett slogged through the mud in the “Open” race. Team Mack’s Robo was on a tear, winning the Masters and then taking 6th in the Open race! Wow!! Frank and Nick Brummer were also fighting it out in alternating races. Nick always breaks stuff…today was flat day for him. AND, the craziest showing at TDGH was the return to cyclocross for Steve Driscoll!! Holy crap, dude, I think all that metal in your body qualifies you for a hall pass on cross.
Jeff Williams and Clark Priebe were the trolls of Mud Mountain. Of course, they had no mud on them.
Clark: “Wow, this vintage Castelli Windstopper Team Mack shell is really nice”
Jeff: “Yeah, I have one of those, I only use it when we play outdoor gigs in Winter”
Clark: “Well, I’m not getting any mud on this.”
Jeff: “Smart move”
Jeff: “Oh, look, there’s Darren coming around the ruts…oops, oh, ugh, that’s gotta hurt…”Pick it up, come on, run with it…Keep running…You’re getting your rhythm now…keep running…don’t even try to ride. Way to go, man.””
Clark: “Damn, that must suck. Why doesn’t he just quit?”
Jeff: “I don’t know, maybe he did something to deserve this.”

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