Best Purchase of 2007


The Sidi Diablo is one awesome boot. I’m a total wuss in the cold, but, I ride outdoors almost every day all winter. We don’t get that cold in So. Ill, but it’s often below freezing. I’ve been riding these Diablos just about daily from the time I got them in November. After three hard months of riding, I can say that these are the best shoes of any variety I have ever owned. They are incredible. They go all the way down to below freezing, and they still feel ok up to 55 degrees, especially if it’s wet.  I’m trying to order some of those electric warmers that SIDI makes, but I’m having a hard time finding them in stock.

 The Diablos are great all around shoes. They have the nice stiff SIDI sole, and, it’s built for walking, if necessary. That’s really good for me, since I do a lot of trail riding in the winter. I bought a couple of extra pair of Time ATAC pedals and put them on my road bikes so I could use the winter shoes on whatever I wanted to ride. I suppose one could buy a pair of road boots (the Hydro, or something), but it’s not like I’m going to race a crit in boots. So, the MTB versions will do just dandy for anything.

 And, these are great warmup shoes!!! I was really happy to have these at Cross Nationals! I packed up my shit (including my race shoes), put it in a backpack, and rode to the warming tent in these boots. Then, I did some more trainer time. It’s nice to have warm feet for a while.

 Still, they’re boots. You can’t race in them. Even on the road, they’d be a huge disadvantage because of the weight and subtle impositions on form. But, if you’re a cold weenie but still ride in the cold, you MUST get some good winter shoes. And these are the ticket. I have some Lake winter boots, and they are are nice, but aren’t nearly the piece of art that SIDI has produced. The Lake’s have have a narrower temperature range, which doesn’t go as low as the SIDI, and is more uncomfortable if temps go above 50f. And, the Lake’s have a mushy sole.

If I wanted a mushy sole, I’d vote for Huckabee or Hillary or something.  


2 Responses to “Best Purchase of 2007”

  1. rudy Says:

    you talking about the same lakes that i have? they are a HEAVY boot, but they are good to teens…probably lower, just haven’t got a chance to ride in single digits. but then they would be too hot over 43, so maybe thats what you mean by the narrow temp range.

    think there is any training benefit to riding with a heavier shoe?

  2. sherkat Says:

    Remember, Rudy, I said I’m a total wuss!! The Lakes are very warm, but the Sidi’s are just a tad warmer, especially in variable temps. The Lakes are OK for me at just below freezing, but the Sidi’s go a degree or two more with comfort. And, yeah, the Lakes feel hotter when it warms up (for me that’s more like 50 for the Lakes, and 55 for the Sidi). Since I already had the Lakes, I felt a tad guilty buying the Sidis, but they were on blowout somewhere and they actually had my size. And, I’d put a full year of abuse on the Lakes, and I figured having two winter boots…..I think I need a new gruppo…..

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