Snow Days


It doesn’t snow that much in So Ill, and  when it does, it doesn’t stay around very long. But, we managed to have a good week of cold weather and enough snow to put in a few good snow rides. I’m not a fan of doing road rides in the snow, and that’s one time that I pack up the bike and drive to a trail. I usually just ride the cross bike, but sometimes the MTB gearing is helpful in deep stuff.

 Two of the best put-in spots for snow rides are the Pomona Natural Bridge and Trail of Tears. Both have roads and trails with no auto traffic. I did Pomona solo in pretty good snow on Thursday, but was stuck on Friday when the gang did Dave’s Birthday Cedar from Von Jacobs’ Orchard. Cedar may be a bit much without MTB gearing. Pomona’s trails to Hickory Ridge are a perfect 2 hour ride from the Natural Bridge in snow. The climb back up the parking lot is pretty brutal, and starts in the single track then heads to the road.

Yesterday, I went to Trail of Tears State Park with the hungover tribe of Chief, Dave, and Molteni, who were suffering the effects of Dave’s Birthday Party. Gee, I’m glad I had to meet with External Reviewers for the Mass Comm school review. Roberto couldn’t even make it. Tequila, apple shots, dancing….sounds like the work of Satan. Damn. I missed it. Molteni was constantly threatening to puke, Dave did so less frequently. The snow was quickly melting, and that made the roads pretty sloppy. The trails were out of the question, as the temp moved into the upper 40s. The climbs in TOT State Park are tough even when they are dry. It’s a great hard loop for people who want to ride on a dirt road with no cars, but aren’t up for riding single track. When covered with snow, it becomes a bit more of an ordeal. After half a lap, we retired to the levee for some easy spin, or something. Dave led a stray dog out onto HWY 146 and I think it got nailed by a car. Everyone acted like we saw it successfully cross the road. “Yeah, it’s making it’s way across that corn field….”


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